Freshly made, cruelty-free and natural

Discover Tropic Skincare a multi award-winning range of skincare and beauty products, freshly made in the UK using the most innovative, effective ingredients that nature has to offer.

Our Story with Tropic

‘Being able to offer ethical advice on skin care and procedures was my number one need in my business. Tropic enabled me to offer more than an Aesthetics Procedure. It allowed me to give the best advise on how you can care and embrace your own skin.

Tropic, a UK company, has everything and more I want from a company. Ethical, sustainably sourced fresh ingredients, no chemical additives or preservatives, conscious of their impact on the planet, sea and land, and crueltyfree meaning they will never use ingredients or products which have been tested on animals.

Not only that the products have incredible results, leave you with beautifully cared for skin. I never used skincare! Ever, I knew very little until I found Tropic Skincare after getting ‘Maskne’ from my facemask whilst working as a nurse during COVID 19. Tropic saved my skin, southed and healed it, made it look refreshed and bright.

Now all my friends use it, which speaks for itself!’

We want your experience with skin care to be personal. So get in touch today for a skin consultation, where we will advise you on the best skincare tailored to your needs.  You can access my Tropic Skincare online store at:

– Rich, Tropic Ambassador.

Tropic Ambassador Richard Rushforth - Sanctuary Aesthetics
Tropic Ambassador - Sanctuary Aesthetics

Tropical Roots

Plants and fruits that grow in tropical climates soak up an abundance of sunshine, which helps them to flourish. We believe that these plants are the most nutritious and beneficial for the skin. That’s why our ingredients are sustainably sourced from the Amazon rainforest, Polynesia, Australia and many more exotic regions brimming with powerful botanical actives.

Uncompromising Beauty

We believe in being a force for good beyond beauty in everything we do. From sustainably sourcing our ingredients to bringing you freshly made products that are truly kind to your skin, our brand beliefs reflect the impact we want to have in the beauty industry and beyond.

Green Science Innovation

We always strive to be at the forefront of natural ingredient research. Our formulations are supercharged with innovative ingredients, such as bio-retinol and plant ceramides, embracing the latest green technologies.

Freshly Made Products

Each formulation is created in our own Innovation Lab, harnessing the best in green skincare science. For freshness, we make our products at Tropic HQ, so you can enjoy the active ingredients while they are most potent. Because they’re so fresh, each product has a best before date, so you know you’re getting the most out of your products.

Beauty with a Conscience

In an industry that often overlooks animal welfare and the environment, we promise to never test on animals, nor use derivatives that cause them distress. That’s why we stand with Cruelty Free International, The Vegan Society and PETA as a 100% cruelty-free brand, now and always.

Kinder to Skin

What you put on your skin should never be a mystery, so we list all of our ingredients in plain English as well as the traditional INCI, and ensure our products are always free from:

  • Alcohol/Ethanol
  • Beeswax/Honey
  • Formaldehydes
  • Lanolin
  • Methylisothiazolinone
  • Microbeads
  • Mineral Oils/Petroleum
  • Nanoparticles
  • Oxybenzone
  • Parabens
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Phthalates
  • Talc
  • Triclosan
  • Unsustainable Palm Oil/Derivatives


Did you know that Tropic is also a certified CarbonNeutral® company? From product deliveries, to powering our HQ, and even our team’s commutes to work, all of our carbon emissions are accounted for, and double offset. Through this initiative, we’ve funded conservation work in the Amazonian rainforest and helped to protect 65,000 hectares of forest from unsustainable palm oil conversion in Indonesia.


In 2019 we sent 0% of our waste to landfill, and we’re helping you to live a lower impact lifestyle too. We offer a buyback scheme across some of our products already, so you can help save the planet while saving yourself some pennies. Our Colour Palette is completely refillable, minimising waste from your beauty routine, and we aim to offer refillable packaging for most of our skincare by the end of 2020.


Education empowers children, opening the way for them to access better jobs and higher incomes later in life. Education should not be a privilege – it is a human right. That’s why we’re working with United World Schools to help make our dream of every child having access to education a reality. Every Tropic order goes towards educating a child in Cambodia, Myanmar or Nepal, who otherwise would not have access to education, with every £50 spend* funding a day of education where it is needed most.  *Excludes delivery charges


We are very proud that all of our products have been verified by Think Dirty and rated as ‘clean’. The goal of Think Dirty is to provide customers with greater transparency about the ingredients within the beauty, household and personal care products they use, empowering them to make more informed, healthier purchases. Think Dirty believe (just like us!) that consumers have the right to demand products that are both safe for their health and for the environment, and so we’re proud to have every Tropic product listed on the Think Dirty app.

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