Advanced Botox treatment uses the same botulinum toxin commonly known as Botox. These are more complex techniques which are trained to experienced practitioners.

These group of treatments are commonly offered as premium treatments in limited clinics. They are often aimed at achieving one of botox’s many additional qualities, such as lifting or muscle reduction. Many advanced botox treatments have been used to treat health conditions for many years.

Gummy Smile

15 minutes • £100

When some people smile, their upper lips widen too far exposing their gums, which can make people feel self conscious. This is due to hyperactive upper lip muscles. We think that no one should feel ashamed to smile, our advanced treatment injects the levator labii superioris muscles to lower the upper lips when smiling. This advanced treatment includes two sittings to ensure the best results are reached.

Chemical Brow Lift

15 minutes • £100

The chemical brow lift is becoming a popular anti-aging procedure for those who have an appearance of heavy, tired or even angry looking eyebrows. This advanced treatment involves relaxing the muscles responsible for pulling the eyelid down, giving you a subtle but noticeable higher eyebrow Why not combine this treatment with crow feet treatment! A two week top up is offered if required free of charge to fully enhance the treatment effects.

Neck Lift

30 minutes • £250

This advanced treatment is an alternative for those who do not wish to opt for more invasive face lifts. Using our anti wrinkle treatment over the Platysmal Bands to provide a ‘Nerfertiti Lift’ improves the definition of the neck, relaxes the jowls and provides 15-20% upward lift. It is important to have a full consultation with your nurse practitioner to ensure that this treatment is right for you.

Teeth Clenching/Grinding Treatment

30 minutes • £250

Do you wave up with a stiff painful mouth every morning due to teeth clenching and grinding overnight. It is obvious to realise that this is no good for your teeth but also causes ongoing pain. Anti wrinkle treatment into the Mandible muscle has been clinically proven to reduce this tension. Book in now for your consultation. Want more information? Take a look…

Tension Headache Treatment

30 minutes • £250

This advanced treatment is only for clients who suffer headaches from increased tension in their jaw. Stress can cause jaw clenching and teeth clenching resulting in tension headaches. Injecting the Massater muscle will reduce the tension in the area resulting in the headache going away. Clinical improvement starts within 3-5 days, and patients can expect to have relaxation of the muscle and decreased pain for 6 months This treatment is very effective when used for the correct headache/migraine type, speak to your nurse practitioner for more information.

Jaw Line Smoothing

30 minutes • £250

Some people naturally have a more squared and masculine jaw line. This advanced treatment injects the massater muscle to reduce its size, reducing the square shaped jawline and providing a more smooth and rounded jawline. This treatment takes up to six weeks to fully develop and the effect lasts for six months. A four week top up is offered free of charge to fully enhance the treatment effects.

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