As we get older, our skin changes. Aging skin starts to develop blemishes, folds, wrinkles, poor texture, and sagging. Although this happens to all of us, at some point, there are ways you can slow down or even reverse some of the signs of skin aging.

What happens to our skin to make it saggy?

Collagen and elastin are vital in maintaining youthful skin. As we age collagen and elastin production slows down. Harmful UV rays of the sun can also cause the loss of these important elements in our skin. As they break down the body is not able to replenish them like it did previously, this means that the skin starts to sag.

Skin volume naturally retracts as we get older, or if we have sudden weight loss. This means that skin looses its normal structure which helps it maintain its structure. Add the loss of the skins ability to retract (due to lost elasticity), skin sagging is the unfortunate result.
The environment also affects our skin, gravity and harmful oxygenated free radicals causes damage to our once firm and glowing skin

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